Organising and re-styling spaces helping you fall in love with your home again.

My ethos is all about seeing potential in reusing and repurposing items and spaces to create areas which inspire or relax you to bring joy and excitement. Over the last decade I have worked with clients and on my own home to create spaces with style on a budget, in my case a very tight budget. From charity shop hauls, bargain hunting shopping trips, digging through the loft and garage for unused furniture and moving beautiful pieces from one space to another I have created an eclectic mix of old and new in my home which now brings me joy and a feeling of rest and relaxation.

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Clearing minds and spaces of the clutter which holds us back.

The first step to reigniting a sense of joy into a space is clearing out the old, identifying what needs to stay, be moved to somewhere lese in the home or gifted to a friend or local charity shop. Decluttering is key to creating an organised space to enjoy.

Find out more about how planning, organising and de-cluttering is good for mind and body here

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A mum, qualified Project Manager, NLP Practitioner and self confessed control freak I have the skills and experience to help you gain control and thrive.

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